31) 11/17 Thur ­ graph function rules

essential question: ­ How can I graph a function rule?
  1. log into the calculator and do the total recall questions

  2. Goto mathXL and finish #20

  3. take out paper/workbook to take notes.

  • students will be able determine discrete and continuous data/graphs.
  • students will be able to identify the graph of an equation linear and non­linear.
  • students will be able to graph a function using an x|y table.
  • Self start ­ writing equations, solving
  • X | Ytable, what is it?
    • plug in x value to find y
    • write a list of x values;
    • plug in each to get y values
    • graph them as points on a graph
    • linear only needs 2 points
    • nonlinear need 3 to 6 points, powers and absolute values

  • Quick polls practice with teacher ­ QP practice pdf
  • Class practice on distributive property ­ Practice pdf
  • Individual practice (HW on chromebooks)
  • Quickpoll:
  • Class practice: